From Aspiration to Achievement

Designed for women seeking workplace support, the ACE Manager’s Mentoring Program provides personal coaching calls to meet your individual schedule.

What’s Challenging You?


Building trust in yourself.

Personal confidence.


Leadership behaviours & management styles.

Time management.


Talent management.

Developing high-performing teams


Organisational culture.

Fitting in, belonging.


Managing change & conflict.

Influencing skills.


Handling Difficult Conversations.

Advanced communication skills.

Meet Your Mentor

"I have nearly 30 years of experience, working in senior management and director roles. Like so many people, I was promoted to my first management post with no management training. I thought I knew how to lead – I had read a couple of books on the topic! However, I hadn’t got a clue how to put any of it into practice and I made so many mistakes in my first three months. My team were unhappy and I genuinely didn’t know why."

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Who Barbara Serves

Middle Managers

Aspiring Directors



“I continue to apply my new knowledge and understanding to the workplace. Of particular benefit is the ability to recognise my strengths, weaknesses and preferred way of working. This has enabled me to recognise, respond and adapt to those qualities in others. Once suspicious of ‘management gurus’, I am now a convert. The key was finding the right facilitator. Barbara is, in my opinion, that person.”

L.N. Senior Manager NHS

“With Barbara I finally found someone who enabled me to successfully apply management theory to practice. My organisation recently commenced on another large restructuring exercise. As part of my preparation when applying for a new position, I revisited the work I did with Barbara – yet again it proved beneficial and I was promoted to my preferred choice of available posts.”

L.N. Senior Manager

“My career hit a brick wall and glass ceiling simultaneously. A senior colleague recommended Barbara who acted as my professional mentor for four years. Always supportive and informative, Barbara could be challenging at times (which I needed). Mentoring allowed me to explore my own development needs and future career path. As a result, I was able to move onto new pastures and have not looked back.”

N.B. NHS Associate Director

“This was my first experience of coaching and it was very positive. Barbara provided just the right balance of listening to me, asking good questions to have me examine things more deeply, suggesting tools/theories/reading – she enabled me to develop my expertise a lot more in people management. So, a big impact on my work in an area that needed development”.

D.H. Director of Public Health

“Barbara worked with both me individually and with my senior team to support us in preparing for a major reorganisation and culture change. Her insightful and reflective approach alongside her ability to challenge where necessary really helped us develop the leadership to sustain and build on service improvements through a period of transformation. Highly recommend.”

S.J.T. Director of Education & Social Services

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